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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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from the make of what i feel that. it talks of are just want to box off an organism or cricket music has a message that's deeply relevant to this drug especially frightening i think this is kind of on all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers right to me some of them been intimidated on a respite and people are on the streets and protesting has reached our doorstep so in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contribute something it's. do not underestimate. and do not try. u.s. president donald trump urges countries to join forces and isolate north korea.
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hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. calls on the united nations to act against iran over the firing of missiles into saudi arabia from yemen. it's double the pleasure to twitter users the company expands its current account plus. six scientists have just been locked inside this tin can behind me and they won't be coming out for seventeen days and or italians in moscow russia keep watching to find out what all this has to do with deep space travel. u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea that its nuclear and missile programs are putting it in grave danger trump has wrapped up his visit to south korea with an address to its national assembly he emphasized the role of the u.s. military in the region and pushed
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a message of peace through strength he also slammed north korea's leadership as a cruel dictatorship van and not to be intimidated today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try this we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction we will not be intimidated al-jazeera as tony berkeley has more from seoul. the change in tone was a little bit of a surprise from president trump when he addressed the south korean assembly on choosing his tone was more measured more straight he wasn't actually antagonizing the regime as he's done in the past with fire and fury speeches and threats to totally destroy north korea this time he was hard line in his comments he described north korea as
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a cult regime he said they were pursuing nuclear weapons for their ultimate ultimate objective and that is the total control over the korean peninsula and he said that america will not let that happen he was very clear about the strength of america he said that previous u.s. administrations perhaps had allowed restraint and he said restraint should not be seen as a sign of weakness that would be a miscalculation and he threatened that if any american cities were attacked they would respond and he described the american military might and the billions of dollars that the u.s. is spending on its military hardware he criticized the north about life for people in great detail he said that people were living in misery he said the north is spending more money on statues and towers than it was on feeding its people he said people were starving there and he said they were good people and he did offer also a carrot he did say that there was a but better path that can be offered for the future but it begins with the
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denuclearization and the stop to the antiballistic missile program for donald trump is now on his way to china at the next stop is on his asia tour he's also expected to push president xi jinping to take a tougher line on its ally north korea let's talk to cheney's associate professor at the school of international studies at the renmin university of china he joins us live from beijing mr chang how significant is the timing of trump's visit to china i mean he's meeting president xi who has just consolidated his power base and trump will now be negotiating with china's most powerful leader in decades. i think it's a very significant particularly against the backdrop of that north korea's nuclear program has reached a critical point it sees when she when she came to power as the time has taken hotlines against the north korea nuclear missile provocations. mr
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thompson in his presidential elections. momentum to that direction. mr trump came to beijing and certainly here will discuss north korea so you see it was we. believe the to do do is need to answer to this fundamental questions question ones if north korea can turn to another major nuclear or miss case and what china and the united states need to do to cope ways second eve north korea has really want to negotiate over denuclearization of krippen and what's china particularly the united states can respond to this kind of intentions so that would be the fundamental questions they need to answer in terms of north korea i mean trump isn't likely to change
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beijing stance on pyongyang but is there any leverage he can use against the chinese to pressure them to do even more on north korea. i see it gets you see in the past a few miles. to try. to tremendously over china. on the one hand he tried to cement a good or a personal relationship with china's president of she's. such a kind of a strong and good relationship. with strong has gained some kind of delivery jitters over china's policy toward north korea on the other hand is. also play hardball with china and his fratton are some other factors his administration's has taken some against the chinese individualism and companies and i think it's a he will continue to do so in that their actions but i think generally speaking.
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parts of the tramp away or seek some kind of a softer or porch. to china particularly the chance. so i ching thank you for talking to al-jazeera the other news now in the united states is calling on the u.n. to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen into saudi arabia on saturday a ballistic missile was launched towards riyadh's international airport from territory held by iranian backed rebels in yemen saudi led military alliance has been fighting the who the since march twenty fifteen saudi arabia which is a u.s. ally accuses terror on of supplying the weapon used on saturday it was intercepted before reaching its target well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley's says she has encouraged the united nations and international partners to take necessary action to hold the iranian regime accountable for these violations. what with the regime in turmoil the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon is trying to deal with major internal issues to he's detain senior princes
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businessmen and government ministers as part of what he says is that crackdown on corruption some in the usa the administration should try to rein in the young prince who's now i'm brolga numerous confrontations in jordan reports. the saudi government has been very busy lately and it has foreign leaders and financial chiefs trying to figure out why a november fourth king solomon put his heir apparent in charge of a nationwide corruption crackdown crown prince mohammed bin saleh then ordered the arrests of numerous prominent saudis including relatives such as the billionaire investor prince waleed bin there now being held at the ritz carlton. president donald trump applauded the arrests on twitter saying the king and the crown prince quote know exactly what they're doing some of those they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years even so the u.s. is calling on the arrests were coming it also says no one expected lebanese prime
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minister saad how he to resign on the same day there's speculation the saudis pressured to quit in order to send a message to the group hezbollah and to its supporter iran riyadh's regional rival the united states strongly supports the legitimate institutions in the lebanese state we expect all members of the international community to respectfully those institutions in the sovereignty and the political and independence of lebanon we do regard as as you all know has fallen to be a terrorist nation the arrests and the political changes in lebanon calm has been solid increases his role in the government he backs the saudi led war against the who these in yemen and the ongoing blockade against got some wonder whether all this could ruin the crown prince's plans to diversify the oil based economy they also wonder if the trumpet ministration which like saudi arabia doesn't like iran might be too supportive of bin solids actions i was advising the president i would
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say maybe this is the time to use some of that influence he built up with your successful trips to the region your good friendships to try and put the brakes on and stop what the saudis are doing as it happens the president's son in law gary cushion a recently visited saudi arabia white house official suggested it was to discuss peace efforts between the israelis and the palestinians it would be interesting to know if the saudis own foreign policy came up during those same discussions rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. meanwhile the un has criticized saudi arabia's blockade of yemen calling it catastrophic saudi arabia has blocked all yemeni land and sea ports in response to the missile attack from across the border international aid groups are calling on riyadh to provide access fuel prices in yemen have increased more than sixty percent and cooking gas prices have doubled the situation is catastrophic in yemen it's the worst food crisis
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we're looking at in the world today seven million people on the brink of famine millions of people being kept alive by our human eterne operations so this is a lifeline that must be continued every single day if the supplies pipeline comes to a halt food insecurity will deepen and we will be confronted with an even greater humanitarian crisis food fuel and medicine imports must continue to enter the country for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back two major wins for the democrats and us election victories are viewed as a rejection of the policies of donald trump. sex scandals ministerial slip ups and stalled brags it talks what's next for britain's embattled governor warner.
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hello there we're seeing a fair amount of clouds and some rain over the middle east at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture is this weather system here gradually drifting its way eastwards and it has been giving us some fairly impressive rainfall totals more of them as we head through the next day or so behind it is not looking too bad forcing beirut maximum temperature around twenty four degrees and just dropping a fraction as we head through into thursday that weather system there doesn't really head very far even on thursday just working its way steadily towards the east working its way across the caspian sea there so back you can expect to see one or two more showers now here in doha no major changes for us over the next day or so we're looking at a top temperature of around thirty two degrees so it really is quite pleasant at the moment for salada we're also at thirty two but we do have this area of trout wet weather that's working its way towards us and it does look like it's going to be rather gray and damp there as we head through thursday as we head down towards the southern parts of africa well here are active area of low pressure is now just drifting away towards the east so things are not drier than they have been so many
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of us then seeing some settled weather as we head through thursday twenty one degrees the maximum there actually matching the temperatures that we're expecting to see in cape town most of the weather on our shot well that's in the far northern parts of our map here especially across. the in. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. and.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea its nuclear and missile programs are putting it in grave danger is wrapped up his visit to south korea with an address to the national assembly north korea's leadership as a cruel dictatorship valen not to be intimidated the u.s. is calling on the u.n. to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen into saudi arabia on saturday missiles launched towards riyadh from territory held by iranian backed rebels and the u.s. state department is calling on saudi arabia to carry out its anti-corruption drive in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including leading businessmen and princes were detained in recent days as part of investigation led by the crown
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prince. now the democrats have won the governorships of two key u.s. states and what's being seen as a rejection of donald trump's policies the results may determine whether the republicans will hold on to their senate and house majorities in next year's midterms mike allen reports from virginia where. the new governor of virginia is democrat northam it's a major victory in a state where republicans hold a two to one majority in the legislature a blow to republican candidate. who received strong support from president trump and a warning to republicans that the democrat threat could intensify in the crucial midterm elections next year. the republican campaign has been running at a grassroots level taking a leaf out of the trump playbook that led to his victory
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a year ago. that election indicated an antipathy among voters to traditional political leaders and. in this campaign organizers maintained it was necessary to campaign on issues not individuals really surprising really just campaigning for it like republicans were democrats and were just saying please go on like what you believe in the single issues and i think people are really encouraged by that because they're seeing we execute the issues and not just. democrats too focused on energizing the voter base working on a bottom up rather than top down principle gathering support. we have. there's no doubt that this democratic challenge is very different from those in the past and the virginia state elections two years ago more than forty republican
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candidates were unopposed this year democrats are contesting all but twelve of the seats this is a massive increase in political participation republicans maintain control of the state legislature but democrats made inroads into their majority people are talking about this is a wave of law that me tell you this is a tsunami. an indication perhaps of lessons have been learned from the massive defeat suffered a year ago and a sign that public support from the sitting president could prove to be a political curse mike hanna al jazeera virginia the british government is struggling to contain a series of scandals that threaten to further weaken prime minister to resign may's leadership several members of our party have been accused of sexual harassment a top ministers accused of discussing secret deals with israel and the foreign secretary is under fire for comments he made about
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a british woman currently jailed in iran the park unravels it all. the british prime minister had promised a strong and stable government to lead britain out of europe but recent weeks have been anything but teresa mayes battling a string of crises some with grave implications for more than just the government. a blunder by the foreign secretary boris johnson could see one british woman imprisoned in iran have her sentence doubled as the danes the gari radcliffe has been jailed for five years accused of spreading propaganda about the regime johnson complicated matters by claiming she'd been teaching journalism in the country so gary radcliffe had worked for the b.b.c. in thomson reuters foundation but insisted her trip to iran had been a family visit. everybody in this house wants to see is now salute the gari. johnson is now planning to travel to iran before the end of the year. another scandal involves international development secretary priti patel she was forced to
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apologize after holding twelve secret meetings with a sarabi officials including prime minister benjamin netanyahu all while she was meant to be on a family holiday it's believed she suggested summer britain's aid budget go to the israeli army to help injured syrians being treated in military hospitals the political establishment is also being engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal that forced the resignation of defense secretary michael file and is it right because you're investigating the deputy prime minister damian green teresa mayes closest allies also been accused of sexual harassment and of having extreme pornography on his computer he denies the claims under normal circumstances these areas where there may deliberately or not could be grounds for dismissal for breach of this the ministerial code the government's m.p.'s conduct and behavior it's currently under review but of course these are normal times to reason may have very few close allies left were ever you look you see
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a political crisis sometimes there was sexual harassment sometimes there were secret bilateral deals sometimes to do with their own gaffes and ineptitude as to the kind of statements that they put out you were looking at as sort of only scanned there were that is hitting the government day after day after day and those were loaded to resume already very very few. you slipping away watching all of this from brussels where breaks it talks are at a standstill the leaders of the e.u. the view from europe's of a british government sinking deeper into turmoil leave barca al-jazeera london the catalan independence movement has called for a general strike to protest the imprisonment and indictment of its leaders on tuesday some two hundred catalan mayors flew to brussels to show their support for the ousted leader cutlass boojum on catalonia as former president went into self-imposed exile in belgium last month after being fired by spain's central government he's down facing charges of rebellion and sedition the french prime minister has publicly back to the satirical magazine charlie hebdo value to punish
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those who have issued death threats towards the magazine over its latest issue charlie hebdo was attacked in twenty fifteen after publishing cartoons of the prophet mohammed the latest edition features a sexually provocative depiction of terror ramadan he's a muslim scholar and professor at oxford he's taken leave of absence falling allegations of sexual misconduct including rape i source says it was behind an attack on a t.v. station in afghanistan that left two people dead and twenty injured gunman wearing police uniforms were holed up in the shamshad t.v. station for more than two hours is being seen as an assault on media freedoms in the country journalist of the channel return to broadcasting almost immediately after the siege was over. russia has rejected the findings of a un inquiry into a chemical attack in syria in april un investigators concluded the syrian government was responsible for the use of sarin gas and the rebel held town of.
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more than eighty people died a third of those were children they examine the movements of aircraft the bomb crater and samples of the sarin gas we need to do weigh him. in your report you included a finding that regarding the responsibility of the syrian arab republic you have not determined who was responsible not what in the government or its various departments or ministers but at the same time the character and logistics of the operation might have involved a whole range of players from various areas i mean what kind of evidence is this is this evidence and then what you know you wrote it's the syrian arab republic that's responsible and entire state and entire state is found responsible not with attacks on aid workers in conflict zones increase agencies are struggling to do their jobs organizations like the international red cross and red crescent say in syria and elsewhere humanitarian aid is being used as a weapon of war. as more from the turkish city of antalya where aid workers from
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one hundred ninety countries are trying to find solutions to the challenges they face. when people from conflict zones need to be taken to safety these workers and volunteers to get the job. this footage was shot by mohammed for an aid worker who's been volunteering since high school a day in his job in syria with government representatives and groups and helping get the wounded to safety. but he says he's understood more about the chaos of war and the importance of being there in moments like this child is pointing to what appears to be a russian drone just hours after his whole family had been killed in an airstrike that came from that he thought that it was just a toy or something. yes what seems to be a noble task is not risk free more than one hundred humanitarian workers have been killed this year in conflicts worldwide syria has been a high risk area for more than six years and the war isn't over the government and
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armed groups have abused access to humanitarian aid you limit access to that area you're going to give you a limited medicine. i mean basically it's entered. this is what is in excess is used as a people that's one reason why fifteen hundred eight workers from around the world are in turkey delegates have gathered here from hunger like these to try and figure out the best ways to tackle the challenges that humanitarian workers face and how best to carry out humanitarian work in parts of this is first week of threats and they face not just from state but non-state actors from across the globe. with tight safety there's the constant risk of being manipulated by the different sides in the conflict it's hard question that you are asking but it is also a question which is more than one hundred fifty years old when the i.c.r.c. was founded this was exactly the debate in the nineteenth century the criticism
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that we would create an organization which would probably war instead of abolishing war and i think today we are more aware in the situations that you describe that we can't escape the humanitarian imperative of helping people survive in the most difficult circumstances. with an increasingly polarized world and expanding conflicts aid workers say their job of making daily tough decisions keeps getting harder. solid job. and dollar. twitter is doubling the one hundred forty character limit that means longer tweets for all those struggling to condense their messages the company announced the changes which are effective immediately. have you ever struggle to write a tweet in just one hundred forty characters and would a few actual letters help you express yourself better that sentence was the length
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of a standard tweet one hundred forty characters now though twitter has doubled the number of characters available to its millions of users to two hundred eighty characters twitter said that those who tweeted in languages like japanese korean and chinese were able to express themselves in around double the amount of information with a single character compared to uses who spoke in english spanish portuguese or french the carriage expansion follows a series of trials by twitter during which product managers notice longer tweets so more likes retreats and using gauge went but is this twitter expansion a sign of a crisis of identity in one sense yes it changes twitter in another sense it doesn't i think the biggest issue that surprised a lot of people though is this is where twitter is putting its energy in truth twitter is facing stiff competition in the social media world set up in two thousand and six twitter currently counts three hundred thirty million users but
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this pales in comparison to the new kid on the block instagram which has more than twice the number with eight hundred million users but this pales in comparison to the king of the social media world facebook has around two billion uses its hopes the twitches evolution will help attract more users and increase growth unlike twitter facebook is considered more accessible because of its lack of constraints but that doesn't twitter's most chronicled user donald trump since election november two thousand and sixteen the us president has tweeted two thousand four hundred sixty one times as of choose day including read tweets and deleted tweets this adds up to on average about six to seven tweets per day had a hoax there. now six scientists are spending the next seventeen days locked inside a giant metal box in russia's capital it's part of an experiment to test the
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psychological effects of a mission into deep space and as we're a challenge reports it could be a significant step towards a manned mission to mars thanks for these six scientists the world is about to get very small for a while the five russians and one german are test subjects in the first of a series of experiments on deep space travel they're not going to space so they'll be isolated in a pod inside a moscow medical research facility for seventeen days. among the. this is a team of professionals indeed each of them is a professional in his own failed altogether way like part of a mosaic that creates a team which you know earth research mission will accomplish all the tasks that we face. after the press briefing it was down to the whole housing the mock spacecraft it will be there how you mandel of oratory for at least fifty different experiments directed at how humans might cope
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on flights to mars and beyond and limited contact with the final waves and in through the hatch sirius seventeen will be followed by a four month mission next year eight months in two thousand and nineteen and a full year in two thousand and twenty. you may think it's a bit strange looking a bunch of people inside a tin can here on earth and running tests on them when there's actually a space station orbiting the planet and has been for decades seemingly much more suitable for these sorts of experiments but they're actually key reasons why this works. it's not that the international space station isn't being used to simulate tests it is but earth based analogs are much safer cheaper and in some ways can better mimic deep space travel wasn't on one designed to be an isolation environment it does i mean here you are isolated but more and more your own crew members have your cell phone in your pocket they can call their friends there's
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a requirement there's there are many thousands of commands it gets sent from mission control to the vehicle every day with nasa russia and the european space agency all working together this experiment is also another reminder of the truly cooperative nature of space exploration rover chalons al-jazeera moscow all it is in our website there is the address al jazeera dot com. ok recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea its nuclear and missile programs are putting it in grave danger trump has wrapped up his visit to south korea with an address to its national assembly he slammed north korea's leadership as a cruel dictatorship valid not to be intimidated today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do
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not underestimate us and do not try this we will not allow american cities to be threats with destruction we will not be intimidated will earlier trump was forced to abandon an attempted visit to the korean demilitarized zone he tried to reach the air by helicopter but had to turn back due to bad weather the demilitarized zone is the boundary separating north and south korea from now on his way to china. the u.s. is calling on the united nations to act against iran over the firing of rockets from yemen into saudi arabia u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has called for necessary action to hold the iranian regime accountable for violations on saturday a ballistic missile was launched towards riyadh from territory held by iranian backed rebels. the united nations has criticized saudi arabia's blockade of yemen
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calling it catastrophic saudi arabia has blocked all yemeni air land and sea ports in response to the missile attack from across the border international aid groups are calling on riyadh to provide access fuel prices in yemen have increased more than sixty percent and cooking gas prices have doubled the u.s. state department is calling on saudi arabia to carry out its anti-corruption drive in a fair and transparent way dozens of prominent saudis including leading businessmen and princes were detained in recent days as part of an investigation led by the crown prince mohammed bin south. russia has rejected the foreign the findings of a u.n. inquiry into a chemical attack in syria in april your investigators concluded the syrian government was responsible for the use of sarin gas in the rebel held town of khalid shaikh kuhn more than more than eighty people died a third of them children examine the movements of the aircraft bomb crater and samples of the gas well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post statement that's watching. afghanistan has the
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geology of both mentally resources under a burden why are they so poor the measures you guys when finally form a government that we may have the toughest land the sense we know where the more we lead to place them the more they push back we knew it was coming the question was do we sit back and wait or do we surprise them with a preemptive strike on the on the one at this time i don't just hear. it is a landmark moment in the investigation to russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election coming up for the want to time campaign germany's house was raided the.


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